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Teacher's Notes

Implementation of the Immigration Quest

"I think ESL students will like this."-student participant

Miss Kimble ______ Miss LoGiudice

This Web Quest was implemented in an evening computer class with a fifth grade student. Although the student had tested out of ESL, his experience as a recent arrival from Guatemala gave him a rich background from which to draw on while reading about and interviewing immigrants of the past and present. Here are some of the comments our student made about this Immigration Quest after completing it.

What was your favorite part(s) of this Immigration Quest?

S: "When I saw the whole map and read the Immigrant Stories. Pretending to be an immigrant. The interview, to ask all these questions. Chart similarities and differences with some immigrants."

What do you think can be improved in this Immigration Quest?

S: "More pictures. It is a little too easy. Too much writing."

Were the directions difficult for you to follow?

S: "No. There is clear directions."

What did you learn by doing the Immigration Quest?

S: "I learned that even people with the most simple jobs can still obtain money to survive."

What else would you liked to have learned?



Example of Student's Work