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Teacher's Notes


What is the same and what is different about immigration in the past and immigration now in the present? You can answer this question by completing the following tasks.

During this webquest you will read about the experience of immigrants from a specific country of the world who came to the United States in the 1900's. After reading about the experiences of immigrants from the country you have chosen, you will write a journal entry pretending you are an immigrant coming to the United States from that specific country. In this journal entry you will pretend to be an immigrant and describe your experiences and the problems you faced.

You will then interview a classmate who has come to the United States from another country. You will write questions for this interview by looking at the questions you answered when you read about the immigrant group you chose, and by reading an online interview of an immigrant's experience.

Once you have interviewed your classmate, you will compare what is different and what is the same between the experiences of the early immigrants you read about and the experiences of the classmate you interviewed. You will write or type these similiarities and differences on a chart.