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1. First click here to read a short history of immigration in the United States. This will help you get a better understanding of immigration in the United States.

2. Click here and print out this set of guiding questions that you must answer when doing the reading in step three. These questions will help you throughout the web quest.

3.Click on the Interactive Map. Choose one of the countries listed in the instructions. Click on that country and read about the experiences of the people who came from that particular country. Answer the questions while you read the passage.

4. With your new knowledge of the immigrants from the country you read about, go to Immigrant Diaries. Find the picture of immigrants from the country you read about in step three. Next to the picture, write a diary entry pretending you are an immigrant from that country coming to the United States. Use the questions you answered to help you write about some of your challenges and problems you experienced. You can type the diary entry and then print it out, or you can print it out and then write it by hand.

5. Now that you know more about the immigrant experience from the nineteenth century, it is time to learn about a modern experience of someone who recently came to the United States from another country. Find someone in your school who came from a different country. On a sheet of paper, write five or six questions that you could ask this person in an interview. Ask questions that are like the ones you answered in step three.

6. To get an idea of good questions to ask, click on one of the two names below and take a look at the interview questions that they answered about their experience. Take at least ONE question from the interview you look at and use it as one of your questions. Choose to look at one of the two people's interviews below:

Van from Vietnam

Saed from Sudan

7. After you have written your questions, interview the person you have chosen. Write his or her answers under the questions that you wrote.

8. Now it is time to compare the experiences you read about earlier immigrants with the recent experiences of the classmate you interviewed. Click here to print out the chart that will help you compare them both. Follow the instructions at the top of the page.

Congratulations! You have now completed your quest, and can now describe the experiences of both early immigrants to this country and modern-day examples of people who came to this country from a different area of the world.